There's a hat for everyone…………….

I get told by many ladies that hats don’t suit them, but I promise there is a hat out there for everyone. Here is a guide on what style suits various shapes and sizes.

 One of the key factors is to make sure it fits you correctly, if it doesn’t then it will not sit comfortably or in the right position.

OVAL – You can wear almost any hat shape. Just remember the hat needs to be in proportion to your body shape.

OBLONG FACE –  a medium to wide brim hat would be suitable as you want to create width.  Avoid a high crown as this will only lengthen your head.

ROUND FACE -  Height is key. If the hat has a high crown and a high brim this will help to lengthen your face.  Look for hats with asymmetrical angles as this will distract from the facial curves.

SQUARE FACE -  Look for a hat which will help soften your angles, so a round crown and a large brim will help.

HEART-SHAPED FACE – A hat with a medium brim will help to slim the forehead to make it appear more narrow. Also position the hat at an angle.

Face Shapes - All Dunn Up


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