Photo shoot - Behind the scenes

Last Monday (29th April) was one of my most exciting days in my millinery career. I had my first ever professional photoshoot. I was a mix of emotions before the day, excited for how the photos would look but also nervous and stressed out trying to arrange everything from the photographer, the venue, models, make up artist and products. Who would have thought that there is so much to organise behind the scenes.

My first job was to get a photographer. Luckily this was easy, Seth from Seth Conway Media was recommended by my website designer and a friend also uses him for their business. What can I say Seth and his assistant Owen made the day so relaxed and calmed my nerves as soon as I arrived at the venue. Plus the photos are amazing.

I then had to find a venue. I wanted the photos to have a sophisticated feel and portray a lady at a hotel wedding. Pascoe House seemed like the perfect venue for this. This boutique hotel is a real gem in the Devonshire countryside. Each room is individually decorated to a very high standard. Plus the food is great.  

Models: I wanted to have 2 models, one dark hair and one light, as hats styles and colours can look very different on different people. My first model was easy to find as I had used Becca before (plus shes my brothers girlfriend). Then I had to find a second, all I knew was that I was looking for someone with dark hair and older than Becca. There was a certain look I was going for but couldn’t explain it to people. Then Catalina came to mind. I had met Catalina a year ago at her boutique shop in Chulmleigh ‘Tsarina Palace’ where she sell beautiful statement jewellery and a selection of clothes and gifts. She had the look I was looking for and very photogenic. Luckily when I asked here she said yes.



To finish off the look I needed a makeup artist, so I put a post out on facebook to see if anyone wanted to collaborate with me. I had quite a few people respond, but Esther Nesley, from Exeter was the lady for this shoot. She is a lovely friendly lady and did a great job making up my models. 

So, as this was a photoshoot of my creations I needed products. I wanted new designs to be showcased along with my older creations. So it was a case of making sure I had every design in stock and also in various colours. I also had to decide which model would wear each headpiece.

The day itself flew by and I had so much fun and now seeing the photos it was definitely worth all that stress. I can’t wait for them to go onto the website in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I will be putting the on my social media channel so keep posted.

I would like a say a massive thank you to all who were involved in the shoot as without you all I wouldn’t have been able to do it.




Models: Rebecca Harrison


Makeup Artist:

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