Do Mother of the Brides have to wear a hat?

This is a question many Mother of the Brides will ask:

‘Do Mothers of the Bride have to wear a hat? The answer is NO.

It is completely your choice as to whether you wear a hat or not. You need to feel comfortable on the day and if you feel uncomfortable wearing one then don’t. But remember hats come in all shapes and sizes. You may find that wearing a fascinator maybe more your style or a delicate diamante comb.

Think about the style of the wedding and also where it will be held. Traditionally if it is a church wedding then it is etiquette to wear a hat but if its a more relax setting, such as a beach wedding, then maybe a small comb maybe a suitable.


Here is Debbie wearing her bespoke Lillian hat

I know I may be basis but I believe a hat or fascinator adds a touch of elegance to an outfit.  It also helps to bring the whole outfit together. As a Mother of the Bride it maybe the only opportunity to dress up to the nines, so embrace it.

Many ladies aren’t use to wearing hats, so choosing the right one can become a daunting task and many people will say to me ‘I don’t suit hats’. Believe me there is a hat or fascinator out there for everyone but it’s just getting the right style to match your face shape, outfit and personality.  See my pervious blog on ‘Theres a hat for everyone.

If you are thinking of wearing a fascinator the rule of thumb is that it is worn on you right hand side, but I wouldn’t be guided too much on this rule as sometimes the fascinator may look better on your lefthand side. If you have a side parting then it is best to wear the fascinator on your parting side as you will have more hair on show and help balance out the look.   

Remember, if you opt for a headpiece then go with what you feel comfortable in. Hats and fascinators are personal and not every style will look good on everyone. So go with what suits you, not what you think you should wear.

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