At last I can now reveal that I have created a hat for ‘THE KEITH AND PADDY PICTURE SHOW’ on ITV, which screened tonight (28 April 2018). Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness re-created the iconic Hollywood film Pretty Woman.

In February I was contacted by British costume designer, Heather MacVean, to see if I could create a hat for someone with a large head who would be wearing a wig. This was no problem, however she said she needed it within 2 weeks as it was required for filming!! My ears pricked up. Heather had seen one of my hats on my Etsy shop and it was the style she required. As conversations went on, I was more and more intrigued who this hat could be for, as I was only told it was required for filming and would be worn by someone with a large head, wearing a wig and for a MAN!

Who on earth could this hat be for???

In the end I had to ask and to my amazement the hat was going to be worn by none other than KEITH LEMON, who was to play Vivian in the show and was worn in the Polo Match scene, where she wore the brown and ivory spotty dress, with an ivory hat.

Keith Lemon


Keith and Paddy filmed the scene on the 28th February in the bitter cold and snow. That evening Keith posted a photo on his Instagram @keithlemon , of him wearing the hat and spotty dress. He now has over 29,000 likes on that photo!   

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